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I’ll admit it. I’m pretty into DesignSponge’s Before and After, and how can you not be with all of those amazing reupholstered chairs? I’ve been on the hunt for a year now for the perfect beginner project to see just how difficult it can be to bring an old chair back to life. Now that [...]

Tonic Living

July 18th, 2011

  Some of my favorite fabrics at Tonic Living are less expensive here than anywhere else, and even though the behemoth Fabric.com might be cheaper, Tonic keeps the hard to find fabrics in stock long after Fabric.com has ran out (like my current obsession: DwellStudio Bella Porte). While their site is a little primitive, I love [...]

A few months back I found an impossibly simple looking tutorial on Crafty Nest by Heika DeHart for what I’ve been calling “String lamps.” I’ve always audibly scoffed when seeing the Random Light at Design Within No Where Near My Reach for nearly $700, and that’s for the smallest one, so I was really excited to [...]

My First Throw Pillows

July 13th, 2011

    Special thanks to The Needle Shop for their great service and inspiration! I can’t find the name of the great teal cotton fabric, but the white cotton and yellow border fabric are both by Jessica Jones. You can pick up the yellow Skiff fabric here for the time being. Learn more about Jessica [...]

Everywhere you look online there are posts about upcycling, stenciling, and spray painting. Quite honestly, the last thing I remember spray painting is a yard sale pogo stick I purchased with my allowance and that was a disaster. I can see the solidified drips of metallic silver spray paint like it was yesterday. Now I peruse [...]

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